New – Scorpion 2D Stinger LED Camera

A robust industrial IP-64 camera. 

Resolution : VGA, SXGA, UXGA and 5MP – monochrome and color models. Framerate up to 90 images / second.

Scorpion 2D Stinger Camera
Scorpion 2D Stinger Camera

Simple industrial connections:

  • 24 volt
  • Ethernet or GigE

Compatible with Scorpion Vision Software and Scorpion Compact Vision Systems

The Scorpion 2D Stinger Camera is compatible with Scorpion Vision Software and designed to be used by the Scorpion Ultra Compact, Compact and Embedded PC range.

Capturing Moving Objects in Real-Time with power LED strobing technology

The camera can illuminate and capture a moving object with speed up to 0.5 m/s and size – 400 x 400 mm at 1200 mm distance.

The LED strobing technology  provide 20 years life-time and no heat accumulation.

  • Powerfull White and IR LEDs are supported and available.

Compact Size: L = 240 mm B = 110 mm H = 90 mm.

The lid can be removed without touching the camera or connections.

mounting instructions