Scorpion 3D Stinger – Casting Animation

Scorpion 3D Stinger locates with sub-pixel resolution in 3D

Advanced 3D Tutorial – Creating 3D Point Clouds using Laser Triangulation

We are please to announce a new tutorial showing how to create high accuracy 3D images in Scorpion using laser triangulation.

Scorpion Laser Triangulation

More information about getting started with Scorpion on Scorpion Vision Online.

Read more about the actual hw and sw setup. The concept can be extended to use the high performance Sick 3D sensors and two measure an object two or three-sided to aquire for instance thickness profile of a knife.

Note: From Scorpion Vision Version X – all Tutorials and Demo profiles are included in the Scorpion Vision Installer

Advanced Training – Getting Started 3D Stereo Vision Tutorial

The Advanced Training – Getting Started 3D Stereo Vision tutorial provides all information you need to learn:

  • 3D Calibration including 2D calibration
  • 2D Feature Location based on TemplateFinder3 using PolygonMatch
  • Extensive usage of Toolboxes and template classes
  • Robust 3D Stereo Vision Intersection with 2 to 4 cameras using Locate3D
  • Construct a 3D Reference system
  • 3D measurement in 2D images based on 3D Reference Systems

Download the tutorial from Scorpion Online.