FASTlab FDG phosphate cassette manufacturing…key to our future…do you want to know more?

YouTube is a great source of information – check these videos!

Did you know that the cassette and also the vials for the cassette are manufactured under cGMP? Did you know that several specially designed machines and robots are used in the manufacturing process?

Dennis Røller from GE Healthcare Pharmaceutical Pilot Plant, PET Supply Chain, Oslo, has made a brief movie on how the FDG phosphate cassettes actually are manufactured, step-by-step by the highly competent team in Oslo….

The movie gives an overview of the many different aspects of vial and cassette production, such as

  • PET vial filling performed in Pharmaceutical Pilot Plant with a specially designed filling machine
  • Quality Control of vials
  • FASTlab FDG phosphate cassette assembly in Oslo Plant, with the use of a semi-automated assembly machine
  • Quality control of cassettes, including visual control with an automated vision inspection robot
  • Packing of cassettes
  • QA release

Scorpion 3D Stinger Inspection Robot

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