New Release – Scorpion

We are proud to announce another update for Scorpion Vision Software version X – 10.2.1 build 559.

This version features significant toolbox improvements with the new CircleFinder2D as a highlight. This state-of-the-art tool is a vast improvement of legacy RadialArcFinder tool as is ideal for 3D Stereo Vision application where the best accuracy is needed. The user can specify a custom cost function to optimize the ransac selection of the best circle even in noisy enviroments.

New cost-function lets user specify optimal search to locate circle
CircleFinder2D – New cost-function lets user specify optimal search to locate circle

The main features updates of 10.2 are:

  • New – History Mode in Curves
    • can graphs values persistent over days and weeks
    • very valuable to verify the performance and stability of a vision system
  • Important toolbox 2D and 3D improvements
    • New – CircleFinder2D replaces RadialArcFinder
      • state-of-the-art single circle finder
      • locates circles with sub-pixel accuracy
      • significant improvement for 3D Stereo Vision
    • TemplateFinder3 added Size and Angle constraints
    • SingleLineFinder has added point cloud generation
      • major speed improvments
    • ObjectPosition3D support templates, result reference and threading
    • PlaneFit3D – the basis for 3D in 2D – locating the an object in 3D
      • major performance improvement with proper constraints and better ransac
    • PolygonMatch3 – major improvement – subpixel location of single polygon model
      • replaces updated PolygonMatch2
    • Supports latest OpenCV 2.4.6
  • Many STC-Updates
    • STC-0034-PolygonFilter2D_1.1.0.40
    • STC-0064-LocatePaths3D_1.0.0.18
    • New – STC-0043-PointInPolygon2D_1.0.0.4
    • STC-0011-ImageFilter_3.3.0.32
      • New name for OpenCVFilter is ImageFilter
    • STC-0036-SortLocate3D_1.1.0.2
    • New – STC-0078-GridMapper_0.9.0.8
    • New – STC-0022-LocateEdgePoint3D_1.2.0.39
  • System Optimalisation
    • Major speed improvement on camera aquisition to allow up to 350 frame / second
      • added ‘Smart image routing’
      • optimized continous mode
      • automatic routing of images from same camera
      • buffers all incoming images in high speed
    •  Major FastMode GUI Improvement – saves ms in overhead
      • Statistics
      • Actions/Commands
      • Historylist
  • New update Sony ZCL driver for XCG GigE cameras
    • We advice to run the driver in Original Mode
    • The driver support running multiple apps on a single computer
  • Updated Getting Started Tutorials for Version X.I and X.I

September 28, 2013