Turn any PC into a machine vision system

With the release of Version X the new Metro look and Windows compatibility we are happy to announce that Scorpion Vision Apps 2.0 is available for our customers and partners. The compact user interface is a great value when working with PC with multiple machine vision systems.

“The Scorpion Vision Apps turn any PC with a camera

into a professional Vision System”

We have updated all Vision Apps to 2.0 and they will be at display at Vision-2012 in Stuttgart next week.

Enjoy the animation of 2D and 3D standard and customs apps in this blog post!

Standard App – SVA-0001 Barcode App

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Standard App – SVA-0010 Color Identification

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SVA-0003 Align App

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Custom App – Scorpion 3D Stinger 3D Surface App 

Locates the smallest height deviation on any Surface.

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