Scorpion Vision 9.0 supports new Advantech API Bionic

This API provides the best support for Windows-7 and replaces older Advantech APIs.

WHAT IS Advantech?
Advantech  manufactures distributed IO modules.  The modules comes in various flavors supporting several different IO requirements such as analog input/output, digital input/output.

Advantech IO Modules AND SCORPION
Advantech mix very well due to Scorpion’s Python scripting support.  Scorpion is shipped with Python classes capable of communicating the IO modules via Bionic SDK.  The Python classes are shipped as is with full source code, empowering users to modify or extend the existing support.

More information on Python Scripting.

Read moreBionicAPI.htm

NOTE: This Advantech Bionic API replaces Advantech API, that is based on Advantech Device Manager.