What is best? – Laser or Object Plane?

We work hard to establish Scorpion Vision as a premium software solution for 3D laser triangulation. Scorpion ability to calibrate multiple triangulation system together is very important to do two-sided or N-sided laser triangulation. The image below shows how the calibrated laser triangulation  reference systems stand out perpendicular to the conveyor. It shows that laser triangulation is real 3D and the superiority of the Scorpion reference systems.  How can we do this: We calibrate in the  Object Plane – we believe this is the best option if you need easy recalibration and focus on accuracy.

Accurate Object Plane 3D Laser Triangulation Reference System

The reference system is established using the Calibrator and ExternalReference tools. Learn more about this in our newly updated tutorial:

  • Advanced Training – Creating a 3D Image with Scorpion Laser Triangulation – 30 Mbyte
  • More information about getting started with Scorpion on Scorpion Vision Online.

    Read more about the actual hw and sw setup.

    Another nice Machine Vision View

    This is a 2D image where the laser triangulation reference is used to measure the width and depth of the block. The visualisation shows how the laser thus the measurement cuts the wafer block like the sharpest knife 🙂

    Wafer Block Triangulation Profile

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