A Trick of the Tail with Scorpion Tool Components

Another new Scorpion Tool Component – STC – is STC-0034-PolygonFilter2D.

As a life long Genesis fan – the title is a tribute to them and their album “Trick of a Tail” – listen to the title-song at You Tube

We will present the component in brief in a practical example measuring the width of a fish tail. This is a challenging task working with living material.

The fish tail width is measured by Scorpion Vision Software

STC-0034-PolygonFilter2D Configuration Dialog

The component performs the following functions in arbitrary order on a path or closed path:

  • decimation
  • gaussian filter
  • path resampling
  • simply – remove points on straight lines
  • median filter
  • intensity filter
  • path filter
  • fft filter
  • dilate
  • tangent angle filter
  • box clipping
The polygon filter offer the user a wide selection of filters that can be executed in a random order.

The component has extensive and easy to use visualization that adds value to the processing function – one can see what is going on – one can experiment and find out what is working with ease.

Measuring Fish Tail Width

The image below shows the fish tail processed by STC-0034-PolygonFilter2D. with input from a blob after color segmentation.

The polygonfilter splits the blob contour into an upper and a lower edge path.

The next images shows the STC-0034-PolygonFilter2D  output is processed by STC-0056-MakePaths2D and the distance is calculated by STC-0001-MinimumPolygonToPolygonDistance

The red line shows the minimum distance of the tail

More information about  and a list available STCs