New – Scorpion Ultra Compact PC

The Scorpion Ultra Compact PC is certified for Scorpion Vision Software® and is CE compliant accommodating Windows-7 and a fast and reliable solid state disk.

The PC condenses a complete Scorpion Vision system into the size of a 3.5” hard drive. The complete Scorpion Vision 2D and 3D framework is installed.

It can be mounted into an existing cabinet in a factory provided an easy way to add a compact vision system or mounted onto a robot for the best 2D or 3D Robot Vision using one or more GigE cameras.

90-922 Scorpion Ultra Compact PC

90-922 Scorpion Ultra Compact PC

Read more : Scorpion Ultra Compact PC.pdf


New – Scorpion 3D Stinger Calibration Objects

“One-Push” Calibration objects are available to provide 3D calibration in Scorpion 3D Stinger system and standard 3D Stereo Vision.

90-824 Calibration Pyramid

90-824 Calibration Pyramid

The Scorpion 3D Stinger Calibration objects are supported by sample profiles showing best practice for 3D Calibration
– both manual calibration and automatic calibration.
Methods for automatic validation of calibration result is also provided.

Read more – PD-2013-0005 Scorpion 3D Calibration Objects.pdf

New – Scorpion Stinger LEDbar

Scorpion Stinger LEDbars are designed to be used in machine vision applications. The white light LEDbar-200 typically replaces one halogen lamp.

Scorpion Vision LEDbar-200-1-IR

Scorpion Stinger LEDbar-200-1-IR

The Scorpion Stinger LEDbars has the following advantages:

  • Industrial package
  • Easy to mount
  • 24 Volt power supply
  • Dimmer input
  • Fast delivery ex-stock
  • Low power consumption
  • Long life-time
  • Reduced system operation cost

The aluminium LEDbar acts like a superb heatsink that secures long lifetime of the unit. The LEDbar 200-1-IR can be used when day and night operation is required or when you want to secure immunity to white light variations. The LEDbars can be customized with different lenses that focus the light where it is needed. The Scorpion Vision LEDbars is compatible with the Scorpion Compact Vision Systems.

Read more about Scorpion Stinger LEDbar.pdf

Scorpion Vision Version X.I is here!

Scorpion Download X.I

Scorpion Download X.I

We are proud to announce that Scorpion Version X.I build 549 is available.

This is a new exiting version of Scorpion Vision Software with many new features and possibilities – the major new feature is a device independant IO-system.

Read more about the io-system

Learn more about Scorpion IO syb-system

Video from Vision-2012

See Scorpion Vision Software Version X locating moving 3-D objects in real time, ScorpionVision Apps 2.0, and other impressive apps and solutions based on Scorpion 3D Stinger for Robot Vision from Tordivel AS at VISION 2012 in Stuttgart.

Scorpion VersionX controls Laser Module from Global Laser

Global Laser DCLM Module

The first demonstration of the new Scorpion Tool Component STC-0067-GlobalLaserDCLM which enables seamless control of Global Laser Digital Controlled Laser  Module – DCLM.

The idea of digital laser control is very good. The laser is automatically turned on when the Scorpion Vision System is active and turned off when the system stops.

The ability to seamless control the laser output makes it possible to adjust based on the reflectivity of the object to be measured to improve the system accuracy.

DCLM STC Setup Page

The following parameters can be controlled from the

  • Power Mode – On when running | Always On
  • Laser Mode – Continous Wave | Modulation | TTL | Pulse Width Modulation
  • CW power level %
  • Modulation wave form – Sine wave | Ramp
  • Modulation frequency
  • TTL Frequency
  • Pulse Width Modulation Level  %

The DCLM STC Setup Page

In action at Vision-2012

The system was at display at Vision-2012

More information about Global Laser

We want Scorpion Agents!

Scorpion Vision App for Pizza Inspection

We have the best machine vision software in Scorpion Vision Software. We create the best 2D and 3D Machine Vision Apps with the Scorpion Vision Framework.

We have a need for Scorpion Agents !

The agent role is defined in the following way:
  • Agents define a potential product or package for their customers
  • We at Scorpion Vision provides
    • the agent with machine vision knowledge
    • we create the package together with the agent
      • we do what the agent cannot or do not want to do
    • the agent sells the package
    • we provide the best technical support
    • we make money together in a partnership

We turn any PC into a machine vision system