Calculate Minimum Object Distances using STC

Easy to create useful machine vision functions with Scorpion Vision 9.1 and Scorpion Tool Components – STC.

The image below shows a Scorpion Vision App concept calculating the minimum object distance between multiple objects.  This function can be crucial in many products or  automation system.

Calculating the minimum blob contour distance

The following Scorpion Tool Components are in actions:

  • STC-0001-MinimumPolygonToPolygonDistance
    • Calculates the minimum distance between a path or a polygon
  • STC-0013-DisplayResult
    • Display the result in a given position
No programming with STC
The MinimumPolygonDistance is easy to configure see the simple dialog below.
Simple configuration dialog for MinimumPolygonDistance
Application Areas
  • Track / measure the distance between products on conveyor
  • Measure the separation of wafers in production line
  • Use to decide which objects to be picked by a robot