News – Scorpion Vision is released

Our goal with Scorpion Vision Software:

Fastest tool for providing 2D and 3D machine vision solutions.

Our strategy to provide this is to be able to make solutions without a compiler – our integrated python framework make it possible to add any 3rd party machine vision algorithm in matter of a few mouse clicks – this includes OpenCV 2.4.2 and the latest algorithms from the Numpy and SciPy libraries.

The unique python scripts based components technologies and methods for reuse has a significant impact on our ability to implement better and more advanced 3D Machine Vision solutions together with our customers.

The following provide an incomplete list of Scorpion Tool Components are available with the release

The primary documentation for the STC is in form of sample and demo profiles. These are located in the updated Scorpion Vision installer.

The STC-0039-EllipseFit2D locates the center of the ellipse – while the circlefinder locates the center with an offset

With STC – Scorpion Tool Components we can add tools and image processing to an existing Scorpion Vision release using the Scorpion itself.  This is a radical shift in our ability to tailor functionality in every Scorpion Vision application.

The powerful Data Input pages have a significant face-lift. Making it even easier to make user configuration pages without any programming.   This important feature is now exposed in BaseTool and  Toolboxes.  Toolboxes can now copied from system to system – this boosts the reuse of Scorpion image processingin real world systems.

Scorpion Vision Release Notes

  • Scorpion Tool Components major update
    • EllipseFit2D, PolygonCorners, OpenCVFilters and WaterShed and more
    • STC now provides outgoing references both in 2D and 3D tools
    • The best way to check out Scorpion Tool Components is to download the STC demoprofiles and see how they work
    • Check out STCs with Display* prefix
      • these adds valuable and independent visualisation of results in 2D and 3D
    • Most STC are available from Scorpion Basic version
  • DataInput editing is revised and major features added like copy groups.
  • Many demonstrations are update and new are added
    • TabManagement Demo
    • PointExtrema Demo
    • WaterShed demo
    • Multiple STC profiles
  • Arrlib is updated to support STC with all Arrlib versions
  • New Data Logging and Image Logging modules in Scorpion
    • provides dynamic files and directory names without scripting
    • this is a major enhancement of the scorpion framework
  • The distributed Scorpion Camera Drivers has been updated – files for both pylon 22 and 23 is included in the file distribution. The new Sony SDK ZCL is now support for GigE cameras in 32 and 64 bit windows.
    • FireGrab.dll
    • BaslerSCI_pylon22.dll
    • BaslerSCI_pylon23.dll
    • PylonAreaCamera1394_pylon22.dll
    • PylonAreaCamera1394_pylon23.dll
    • PylonAreaCamera_pylon22.dll
    • PylonAreaCamera_pylon23.dll
    • SonyXCGCamera_1_0_0_6.dll
    • SonyZCLCamera.dll
    • uniAVTGrab2.dll
  • Scorpion Extensions
    • IPP is updated – recommended if you do resampling of large images
    • OpenCV24 support from build 524
    • TightVNC 2.5.2 is supported