Scorpion 9.1 support the latest OpenCV 2.3

Scorpion Vision Software adds integrated support for the latest OpenCV version 2.3.  There is a series of new samples included Scorpion Vision Installer both raw code sample and ready to use STC – Scorpion Tool Components – template ready to be integrated into your Scorpion application.

The integration of OpenCV into Scorpion Vision Software is a long-term strategic choice based on the following. The value created in Open-Source is tremendous- we at Scorpion Vision want to benefit from this by using the latest OpenCV, NumPy and SciPy libraries both to extend and improve our Scorpion Vision Framework and to provide our user’s the following choice:

  • Use free Open-Source image processing
  • Use Scorpion Vision image processing
  • Mix and choose from Scorpion Vision and Open-Source image processing to provide the best combination and value

With the Open-Source strategy that started with integrating Python as Scorpion Vision scripting language integration of .Net, SciPy, NumPy and OpenCV has followed as extremely valuable additions. The results Scorpion Vision grows as a platform every day. With the innovation of STC – Scorpion Tool components the process will get even faster.

Scorpion 9.1 provides Scorpion Tool Component - STC based on OpenCV WaterShed algorithm

To try it out do a free Scorpion Download Request.