Scorpion 3D Stinger Scanner – Perfect EUR and Plastic Pallet Images

We are proud to announce that Scorpion Vision Software version XV is out.

Three years of hard works has come to an end.
We all look forward to take advantage of the new features and benefits.

A perfect 3D model of an EUR-pallet

The 3D Image is captured by the Scorpion 3D Stinger Scanner using laser triangulation. Featuring a peak scan-rate of 3500 laser lines per second and a 12 bit high dynamic range image sensor. Scanning speed is 0.7 m/s synchronised with the built in Scorpion Stinger SMARTio TriggerDelays firmware.


Companion color scan to the EUR-pallet 3D image – synchronised to the conveyor encoder inside the Scorpion 3D Stinger Scanner
NLP plastic pallet 3D image – you see the pallet and the conveyor with height and intensity information
2D color scan of the NLP pallet – you see the contamination on the top

Scorpion 3D Stinger™ is a family of machine vision components and software products. They provide simple, state of the art and cost-effective building blocks for OEM and system integrators.

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