Huge “Working in the Toolbox” Tutorial

The tutorial implements a complete Syringe Marker Position system.
Syringe Marker Position
This is an Advanced Training tutorial with 44 sections over 138 pages covering a many important topics like:
1. Adding Description Html Help File
It is possible to add an HTML file to a profile. This HTML file is available for all users to view, and can be used to communicate important information to the users like operator instructions, link to other resources and more. The pre-configured profile ‘Advanced Training – Working in the Toolbox I‘ uses this HTML file to describe the profile and important features configured in the same.
Setup steps and details are available in ‘Section 27. Adding Profile Description HTML File’
2. Using Indicator Panel
The indicator panel is available between the image panel and the inspection result panel. It displays the values and states of important parameters during the inspection cycles and is useful for understanding detail state of the system at any time and in taking decisions.
Setup steps and details are available in ‘Section 24. Configuring Indicator Panel’
3. Using Data Input Pages
User data input pages is an important feature in Scorpion Vision Software. This allows users with ‘Setting’ mode permission to change the system parameters, as per the requirement; without changing any core configuration which is already done from the ‘Service’ mode. Setup steps and details are available in ‘Section 22. Setting up User Data Input’
4. Using built-in Yield Statistics
Scorpion Vision Software calculates various statistics based on inspection results. These statistics are available to all tools and scripts, as an object. Setup steps and details are available in ‘Section 20. Configuring the ExternalData Tool Named Yield’
5. Using Central System Events
Scorpion Vision Software has an extensive set of system events. A script can be associated with each event to do specific processing or actions as per the requirement. Setup steps and details are available in ‘Section 26. Configuring Central System Events’
6. Advanced Curve Usage
Scorpion Vision Software displays real-time curves or graphs associated with configured parameters and indicates the overall trend in the inspection process. This provides operators with process insight – this is used extract important process understanding and to take decisions from a running system. The curves is also used to verify and qualify the system
Setup steps and details are available in ‘Section 25. Setting up Curves’
7. Using the power of the Toolbox tool
The Toolbox tool is a collection of tools. The toolbox has many powerful features: Template Classes to link a number of tools to the same configuration, Point and Click Region of Interest and moving ROI. The Toolbox tool is used to group functions and make the configuration and maintainance of a complex system faster and easier. Product changes can be handled by using the ExternalDictionary tool and it variants concept. Setup steps and details are available in ‘Section 14. Configuring ‘Toolbox’ Tool Named ‘FindLeftCorner’’
8. Copy and Paste tools
Scorpion Vision Software provides an important feature of tool copy. One tool can be copied and pasted as a new tool. This reduces the duplicate configurations needed for tools which has almost same configurations but have very few differences. Tool copy allows quick configurations by only doing minimum required updates to the copied tool. A companion feature is to Export and Import tools to a file. Setup steps and details are available in ‘Section 15. Configuring ‘Toolbox’ Tool Named ‘FindRightCorner’’
9. Reference Systems and Lines
It is possible to have as many reference systems as required in a system. The toolbox is simplified by the fact that every tool can use a reference suitable for it’s operation. This provides flexibility and also increases accuracy of overall system, by using a step by step a approach. In this tutorial the presence of the syringe is located by a blob, the precise location is then located by EdgeFinders or PolygonMatch. With the correct calibration all reference systems support sub-pixel measurements. Use of different reference systems and lines is explained in ‘Section 7. Detection and Inspection Logic – ‘Advanced Training – Working in the Toolbox I’ and ‘Section 32. Detection and Inspection Logic – ‘Advanced Training – Working in the Toolbox II’.
10. Tool Templates
Scorpion Vision Software supports tool templates. This is useful feature of attaching multiple tools to a single template and updating synchronized parameters for all attached tools just by updating those parameters in the tool template and saving it. Template Classes will guarantee that all parameters are set exactly the same.The details about tool templates are available in ‘Section 28. Tool Templates’
11. Tool Scripts and ExternalData
It is possible to associate scripts with a tool configured in Scorpion Vision Software. It is also possible to get user data input values in variables of Scorpion Vision Software and use them during the processing. Setup steps and details are available in ‘Section 20. Configuring the ExternalData Tool Named Yield’

The tutorial is available in the Startup Section of Scorpion Support Web

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