Getting Started Tutorials for Scorpion 8 and 9

We are happy to present a complete set of  Getting Started tutorials with Scorpion Vision Software to really help users to know Scorpion. There tutorials makes you learn the Scorpion Concept step by step – therefore it is advised to do Part 1, 2, 3, 4 and complete with 5.  After getting started you know how download demo and samples profile  and learn more about the more advanced techniques and parts of Scorpion.

The tutorials can be used with Scorpion 7, 8 and 9.

From Scorpion Vision 9.1 the tutorials are included in the Installer – we recommend to request a software download

Installation tutorial

First Introduction to Scorpion using cameras

Getting Started Tutorials

1. Getting Started Part 1 – Presence Verification
2. Getting Started Part 2 – Classification
3. Getting Started Part 3 – Gauging
4. Getting Started Part 4 – Product Variants and Data Input Pages
5. Getting Started Part 5 – Custom User Interface and Communication

A tutorial consists of a pdf-document and a Scorpion profile in zipformat.

Complete set of tutorials are located at

The document describes the details steps of making a Scorpion profile. The attached profile is the solution of the tutorial.

To get started:

  1. Download the actual tutorial by clicking the link.
  2. Open the document
  3. Follow the instructions in the document
  4. Report any issue with the training to

Scorpion Vision Software can be downloaded from:

Click to register for a 30 day evaluation licences.


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