Scorpion Vision 8 pricelist is available

The pricelist of  Scorpion Vision 8 is available –

New in Scorpion Vision 8 are:

  • 10-014 Scorpion OpenCV version a new entry level for Scorpion Users
  • 10-104 Added Multicore option
  • Increased resolution for Lite, Basic and Premium
  • All versions includes SW to decode 1D and 2D barcodes – this is a very cost-effective option to use Euresys decoding SW
  • 10-103 Extended Camera Support  – option for OpenCV and Lite version to run linescan and other special cameras
  • 52-014-(CR)  Scorpion SmartCam OpenCV – XCI-V100(CR) – eliminates cost of Scorpion Toolbox in simple smartcam applications
  • 10-085-n Instance Upgrade – will also include a camera licence
  • 10-020-3D Scorpion Basic 3D – This package contains all you need to target stereo vision applications
In general the prices are reduced and/or more features are added to every version.  Scorpion Basic can now target 2D and 3D Robot Vision.

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