Scorpion Vision Training in Oslo 11. – 13. October 2017

Fly in to the best machine vision training and learn from the experts behind Scorpion Vision Software® and Scorpion 3D Stinger.

The next generation
Scorpion 3D Stinger Scanner – 2MP – 3500 fps
the Scorpion 3D Venom Camera – 1 micron resolution
will be presented for the first time

Scorpion Vision Family - 1000px

Scorpion 3D Stinger Family

Learn more about the cutting-edge Scorpion Compact Vision systems combined with our impressive range of industrial cameras:
Scorpion Box, Scorpion 2D Stinger,
Scorpion 3D Venom and Scorpion 3D Stinger Cameras.

Attend one, two or all three days.

Invitation – Scorpion Vision Training Course Oslo October 2017


The course is based on the newest Scorpion Vision Software® release XII including 3D Stereo Vision, Dense 3D Image generation and 3D Robot Vision.

STC-0124 ObjectFinder3D – Fast and robust 3D Pattern Matching

scorpionxii-64x64In this post we have used 3D images captured in the Auto3D research project. The image below captured with a stripelight projector to prove that a Battery Pack could be located in 3D and changed by a robot without human interaction on an offshore platform.

This is the third post in series of Scorpion Vision Software important tool improvements included in upcoming – Scorpion Vision XII.


The 3D image of the Battery pack is shown.

In the Auto3D project we developed a 3D Pattern Matcher together with SINTEF named 3DMama – this was one of the first 3D pattern matchers in 2009. We have now taken a big step forward developing a significant better 3D Pattern Matcher STC-0124 ObjectFinder3D replacing 3DMama. The 3D pattern matcher has the following important features:

  • Automatic model training and feature point selection and verification
  • User defined number of featurepoints
  • Locates multiple objects in 3D
  • Very fast and easy training process

The ObjectFinder3D is optimised for dense 3D points cloud generated by 3D Stereo Vision like the Scorpion 3D Stinger Camera.

3D Model to locate Battery Pack

The image below shows the Learning page  and the Battery Pack Model with 3D origin visualised.

is-2016-0019 OF3D-Template.PNG

STC-0124 ObjectFinder3D Learning Page

Fast and robust location of Battery Pack

The battery is located in a 3D point cloud with 360.000 points in 102.5 ms. The 3D bounding and the pose is shown in red. The 3D pose – (x,y,z) and (rx,ry,rz) is calculated.


Use 3D Pose to verify Top Cover Shape

Once locating the battery pack it is easy to verify that all cover knobs are present. In 3D we can easily do the following with Scorpion Vision Software XII:

  • Count the knobs
  • Verify the 3D shape by
    • Height
    • Top Area
    • Volume
  • Check the rotation angle for each knob

All of these features makes it easy to verify the type of top cover. This important information can be used to select the right tool for replacing the battery pack or identification of the battery pack type to be replaced.


Height Map of Top Cover where the six knobs are counted. The HeightMap is color code – position with no information is coded grey

Scorpion Tools in Action

The following Scorpion Tools and STCs, Scorpion Tool Components, are used in the demo profile SDP-0006 ObjectFinder3D.

  • 3DROI – STC-0094-ROICalculator
    • Defines the 3D Region of interest
  • ClusterFilter – STC-0111-ClusterFilter3D
    • Can filter noise from a 3D Point Cloud
  • FindValve – STC-0124 ObjectFinder3D
    • Locates the valve in 3D based on a 3D Model
  • LocateValvePlane – STC-0114 PlaneFit3D
    • Precise plane location of the top cover
  • HMapValve – Tool 122 – ExtractMap3D
    • Extract the HeightMap of the Top Cover perpendicular to the top cover plane
  • HeightHistogram –  Tool 75 – Intensity
    • Calculates the height map histogram
  • FindKnobs – Tool – 87 – Blob4
    • Locates the knobs in 3D in the heightmap

Scorpion 3D Training in Oslo 13. – 15. April 2016

Fly in to the best machine vision training and learn from the experts behind Scorpion Vision Software® and Scorpion 3D Stinger.

The next generation Scorpion 3D Stinger Camera
will be presented for the first time

Scorpion Vision Family - 1000px

Scorpion 3D Stinger Family

Learn more about the cutting-edge Scorpion Compact Vision systems combined with our Scorpion 2D and 3D Stinger cameras.


The course is based on the newest Scorpion Vision Software® release XI.I including 3D Stereo Vision, Dense 3D Image generation and 3D Robot Vision.

Attend one, two or all three days.

Invitation Scorpion Vision Training Course Oslo April 2016

Update – Scorpion 3D Stinger Camera Datasheet

The Scorpion 3D Stinger Cameras

The Scorpion 3D Stinger Cameras

The Scorpion 3D Stinger™ Camera  is designed to be used in cutting-edge 3D Stereo Vision applications with or without structured light. It is compatible with the latest 3D version of Scorpion Vision Software and locates moving objects in 3D in real-time.

The unit is designed for serious 3D Robot Vision, 3D Laser Triangulation, 3D Gauging, 3D Assembly Verification and other advanced Machine Vision Solutions. It support both passive and active stereo vision and is manufactured in two models 30 mm and 200 mm baseline.

The 30 mm baseline unit can replace a standard 2D camera where a sense of 3D is needed for object location, measurement or assembly verification

Read more in the datasheet…

The Scorpion 3D Stinger™ Camera is carefully manufactured and designed using the finest components available. It is unique providing the features:

  • Superior projector options
    • Power from 1mW to 500mW
    • Red Laser or Infrared projector
    • Single Line, Multiple Line and Random Pattern Projection Pattern
    • Built in Strobing for Laser and LEDs
  • Industrial Housing IP-64
    • 24 Volt power supply
  • High Quality Image Sensors
    • CMOS or CDD Image Sensor
    • VGA to 5MP Resolution
    • Monochrome or Color
  • Proven software support for Robot Vision and Gauging
    • Compatible with Scorpion Vision Software
    • Scorpion 3D Stinger Dense Image Creator Application

Scorpion Vision Version XI is here!

Scorpion Download X.I

Scorpion Vision XI Download

We are proud to announce that Scorpion Version XI build 572 is available. The release contains the aggregated updates since Scorpion Version X was released in October 2012 more than two years ago.

This major release of Scorpion Vision Software has many new features and possibilities.

  • Compatible with latest Scorpion 2D and 3D Stinger hardware
  • Faster image processing and more tools supporting multi-core processing
    • Many tools has prefiltering option
  • Improved OpenCV 2.4.9 and Python 2.7 support
    • The move to Pythons improves the ability to use 3rd party libraries
  • Updates Scorpion Tool Components – STC
    • Components for 3D Calibration, dense 3D image generation and more
    • Updated image filtering components
    • Support for 3D Factory Calibration
  • Improved Scorpion Camera Drivers for Sony and Basler GigE Cameras
    • First version of  port based making it easier to switch cameras.

The release will support the upcoming OpenCV 3.0 when released in 2015.

Read more about upgrading to Scorpion Vision XI

Scorpion Compact Vision Training in UK 26th-27th February 2013

Fly in to the best machine vision training  and learn from the experts behind Scorpion Vision Software®.  Learn how to build complete and compact machine vision systems with our Scorpion 2D and 3D Stinger cameras. Read more about Scorpion Compact Vision Systems.

Scorpion Compact Vision Family

The course is based on the newest Scorpion Vision Software® release 10.2 including state of the art Stereo Vision and 3D Robot Vision.

Venue :  Mitsubishi Electric – Traveller Lane, Hatfield – Hertfordshire AL10 8XB – United Kingdom

Click to get the agenda and register

Important Update – Scorpion Vision Software

Scorpion 2D Stinger Camera

Scorpion 2D Stinger Camera

We are again proud to release another update of our continously evolving 2D and 3D Machine Vision Framework. This release is a result of a number of extremely challenging Scorpion 3D Stinger stereo vision projects and our continous effort. To match the challenges we have again revised and refine our cutting-edge 2D machine vision tools to stand the heat from real-world 3D pallet picking, 3D location.

In the complete 10.2 series there are many very impressive additions:

  • A “new” TemplateFinder3 – the most important tool in Scorpion Vision
    • Handle Multiple ROIs, dynamic template activation and addition of “no-match edges”
    • more details given in release notes
  • A good general speed improvements in Arllib image processing module
    • Interpolation Management from the Toolbox
  • Significantly lower overhead in image capture targetting real-time 3D tracking with robots
  • New tool for LaserTriangulation – LaserProfiler3D
    • creates 3D point clouds and ordered intensity image in real-time
    • handles framecounts up to 100 to 300 Hz or 3D profiles
  • Easy to use string filtering to allow pre and postfilter operations.
  • Soon – Scorpion Image Sentinel 3 a smart image or videorecorder supporting Scorpion 2D Stinger and 3D Stinger Camera
  • Dense 3D Stereo Vision Creation support with Scorpion 3D Stinger Camera
    • useful for empty box application and many other applications
    • with and without structured light

The two 3D calibrated images are perfect for blockmatching
and generation of a dense 3D model


A 3D model and the corresponding height map is generated
all in 283 ms on an quad core i7
The pose of the cameras shown above the point cloud

  • Scorpion Tool Components provide more and more functionality to Scorpion Users
  • Support for latest OpenCV 2.4.8
  • Scorpion Vision Installer is updated with latest STC, drivers and extension libraries.

Release Notes for Scorpion Vision Software

  • Scorpion Arrlib is 10-20 % faster – a general and important improvement
    • choosing the right interpolation mode can provide an additional 5-15 %
  • Interpolation mode is managed from the toolbox
    • NN – Nearest neighbor is chosen for speed
    • Bilinear is the default
    • Cubic provides an accurate option for special cases
    • Smart Wide does a smart job on wide tracelines
  • Important – TemplateFinder3 is a complete new tool –
    • prefilter for improved matching
    • multiroi for multiple inspection from one tf3
    • better explanation of resampling modes
      • important when working in 3D
    • better default values
    • regex for dynamic templates
    • saving templates to files for faster context switching
    • very important – “No Match Edges”
      • —> can define no match polygons/edges to better segment detection
      • can be vital addition to tf3 for demanding applications
    • many improvements and some bug-fixes
  • Dense 3D Imaging uisng Stereoscopic Camera is supported using
    • STC-0084 StereoRectify3D
    • STC-0083 DisparityMap3D
    • Check – STP-0072-DisparityMap
  • ColorSegmentor is now a much better tool
    • with postfilter, named filters and dynamic filteractivation
    • check STP-0075-ColorSegmentor
  • Latest OpenCV 2.4.8 is supported
    • updated to the latest Numpy 1.8.0 and SciPy 0.13.2 versions
  • A huge update to Scorpion Tool Components –
    • download all to the Scorpion template directory and get the fine and useful extensions
    • more than 50 STCs are moved to release state
  • Updated GUI and Icons
  • ImageLogger can set disk limit to 1 GByte down from 5 GByte
  • Soon to be available a SVM – Support Vector Machine classification STC
    • state of the art machine learning in a clever STC package

Updated Scorpion Test and Demo Profiles

  • SDP-0087 Advanced Training – 3D Pizza Measurement – version
    • real-time 3d point cloud generation with new LaserProfiler3D
  • SDP-2012-0019-3DPipePicking
    • Demonstration of 3D Pipe Picking from a bin using Scorpion 3D Stinger Stereo Vision
  • STP-0073-Scorpion-Toolbox-Performance
    • valuable test program to benchmark Scorpion Computers
  • SDP-2012-0019-3DPipePicking
    • Demonstration of 3D Pipe Picking using Scorpion 3D Stinger Stereo Vision
  • SDP-2012-0018-3DPipeBinPicking
    • Demonstration of 3D Pipe Picking from a bin using Scorpion 3D Stinger Stereo Vision
  • SDP-2012-0041-Locate-3D-Empty
    • Practical solution to detect empty box using two multiline lasers
  • STP-0072-DisparityMap
    • Empty box using beta DisparityMap3D STC – super dense 3D image generation based on stereoscopic images

STC – Scorpion Tool Components Updates

  • STC-0001-MinimumPolygonToPolygonDistance_2.1.0.22
  • STC-0011-ImageFilter_3.3.0.33
  • STC-0022-LocateEdgePoint3D_1.2.0.39
  • STC-0025-PolygonExtrema_1.0.0.10
  • STC-0034-PolygonFilter2D_1.1.0.40
  • STC-0036-SortLocate3D_1.1.0.21
  • STC-0038-FitLine3D_1.2.0.22
  • STC-0043-PointInPolygon2D_1.0.0.4
  • STC-0055-FindPaths2D_1.0.0.20
  • STC-0064-LocatePaths3D_1.0.0.24
  • New – STC-0008-Visualize3D_1.2.0.12
  • New – STC-0078-GridMapper_0.9.0.8
  • New – STC-0084 StereoRectify3D_1.0.0.1
  • New – STC-0082 MultiExpoMerger_0.9.0.2
  • New – STC-0066-PolygonMaskImage_1.0.0.5

Learn more and register for download