We make your Machine Vision Part Inspection App!

With Scorpion Vision Apps we can offer a unique service.  

We make your Machine Vision App!

This post will present new features in our unique Scorpion Vision Apps.

  • The part Inspection vision apps is customised to any part that needs to be inspection.
  • Integrated user defined Excel reporting
An easy to use Scorpion Vision App including image capture, image processing and reporting based on Excel templates.

The part inspection is done using Scorpion Vision Software proven image processing capabilities with the highest possible sub-pixel accuracy. The user interface is extremely easy to use with only the features that is needed to perform the operation. Most features are implemented using the Scorpion Vision App “one-push” concept.

Scorpion Vision Apps supports high-quality Firewire and GigE cameras from Sony. Do you need a compact and cost-effective solution you can use the fine range of SmartCameras from Sony.

The customer defines the Excel Report

The value of a part inspection system is defined by the report. In the Scorpion Vision App Part Inspection system the user defines and maintains the reports using Microsoft Excel. This provides great value.

Report are based on Excel and defined and maintained 100% by the customer or end-user. – Click to see the pdf Part Inspection Report