Scorpion Vision OEM – Lobster Sorting Machine

We are proud to announce another great fish farming innovation based on Scorpion Vision technology

Unique Lobster Sorting Machine

The animation shows the excellent pictures of the stage 4 lobsters flowing through the sorting machine.

Stage 4 Lobsters imaged by the Scorpion Vision Sorting System

This machine adds to the familiy of succesful Scorpion Vision projects within fish farming

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  • Automatic Fish Vaccination with Maskon
  • Salmon Counting and Measurement
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Norsk Hummer company background

Our customer Norsk Hummer – a pioneer in lobster farming has a history starting in the early 1980s.

Norwegian Hummers idea goes back to the early 1980s. The norwegian  Johan H. Andresen Senior owning the JL Tiedemann Tobaksfabrik and Norwegian Hummer’s founder, Professor Jens Glad Balchen, started a large scale pilot project within the farming of lobster larvae.

The company Norwegian Lobster AS was formally founded in 1994. Based on a new law on lobster ranching in 2001 the activity is now higher than ever. The law ensures the licensee exclusive rights to the harvesting of lobsters within a defined geographical area.

Norwegian Lobster AS was in 2007 licensed land-based production of lobsters at Tjeldbergodden Biopark in Aure municipality in Møre and Romsdal, Norway. The plant was completed in 2008.

Lobster Sorting Machine

The concept of the lobster sorting machine is shown below. The unit designed by Humle AS automatically extracts lobsters larvae from an incubators with 20000 larvaes. This is done to separate stage 3 larvae from the stage 4 larvae. This must be done done because the lobsters from stage 3 to stage 4 is converted to an cannibal. The sorting system increases the lobster yield dramatically in the lobster farm. The machine ensures that the lobsters flow in front of the camera in a steady stream. Also invented by Humle is a clever eject mechanism to sort out the stage 4 lobsters into a new incubator with only stage 4 cannibals.

Scorpion Vision OEM – Lobster Sorting Concept Machine