News – Scorpion Vision is released

Templates can be added from the improved installer

I believe that the components technologies and methods for reuse will have a significant impact on our ability to implement better and more advanced 3D Machine Vision solutions togheter with our customers.

We continue to create great value for our 2D and 3D machine vision customers.

The first Scorpion Vision version 9.2 is made publically available today! A great feature is that the improved installer automatically inform the user of an Scorpion Vision update – this will keep your Scorpion Vision setup up-to-date.

We call it the STC – Scorpion Tool Components – release.  With Scorpion Tool Components we can add tools and image processing to an existing Scorpion Vision release using the Scorpion itself.  This is a radical shift in our ability to tailor functionality in every Scorpion Vision application.

The powerful Data Input pages have a significant face-lift. Making it even easier to make user configuration pages without any programming.   This important feature is now exposed in BaseTool and  Toolboxes.  Toolboxes can now copied from system to system – this boosts the reuse of Scorpion image processingin real world systems.

Available for download now !