Autofocus Touch Video System

Autofocused Video at your fingertips

The Scorpion Vision Autofocus Touch Video System offers a quick and simple interface for monitoring live camera images. The touch-screen display allows the operator to monitor critical work and to make the finest autofocus adjustments with a single touch one the screen.

Monitoring a CNC Machine

The system consists of a compact industrial camera equipped with an autofocus mechanism built in to the camera body, a heavy duty flexi-arm and a flat panel touchscreen PC. The camera is delivered with a selection of interchangeable wide-angle and telephoto lenses. Changing lenses is quite simply a matter of unscrewing one lens before attaching another. The autofocus button will then make the final adjustment to the image.

The camera is movable on the flexi-arm in a range of 360 degrees around the subject, allowing for close up, and rear view shots. Multiple camera systems can optinally be operated from a single touch-screen.

The solution is powered by the
software platform.