Unique Component Technology extends Scorpion Vision Framework

STC – Scorpion Vision Framework is a strategic innovation in the version 9 of the Scorpion Vision Framework. Since we started developing Scorpion 12 years and 504 builds ago we have had a dream to be able to create components based on Python scripts and Scorpion Tools by it self. The dream is now becoming a reality – the perpetum mobile of machine vision – we are creating extremely value tool extentions to any Scorpion version without needing a compiler – we call it STC – Scorpion Tool Components.

The first extentions STC-2011-0001-MinimumPolygonToPolygonDistance delivers a non-trivial algorithm to find the minimum distance  between to polygons. It profits from the extremely valuable features in the Scorpion Vision Framework – polygon region of interest and polygon results. The test program STP-2001-0006-MinimumPolygonDistance demonstrate the basic but valuable feature of calculating the minium distance between two blob contours

Calculating the minimum distance between two blob contours

Check out the documentation : STC-2011-0001.MinimumPolygonToPolygonDistance

The tool creator and the man behind the image processing in Scorpion Vision Framework – Arne Sommerfelt pays a tribute to the best Open-Source – NumPy and SciPy which is the platform used to create the extention.

All components and test profile are tracked by the great KILN version control software fraom FogCreek.