What is Scorpion Vision Apps™?

Scorpion Vision Apps is a concept machine vision to simplify machine vision for the User, OEM and the System Integrator.

Scorpion Vision Apps  is  CSOTS – Custom Software Of The Shelf 🙂

  • Custom to meet the customers needs and off the shelf to comply with the customer’s budget.
Check the Scorpion Mono Stinger™ press release

Simple for the User

For the user it is simplified by the following facts:

  • Only ONE simple operator screen
  • Standard User Interface Concept
    • Only three operations
      • Start and Stop
      • Access system configuration with password protection
    • Integrated remote access
  • Extremely easy configuration
  • Complete help description for system
  • Easy installation and deployment
  • Standard off-the shelf hardware and software
Simple Operator Screen
The Scorpion 3D Surface Operation Screen is small and contains only the essentials
Easy to use and understand system configuration
The System Settings are easy to use and understand and essential for the App
Simple and efficient for the System Integrator
For the system integrator it is simplified by the following:
  • A number of standard Scorpion Vision Apps is available from Tordivel AS
  • Low development cost
    • No program development – everything configured using Scorpion Vision Software
  • Based on the proven Scorpion Vision Software 2D and 3D Framework
  • Access to Open-Source for Image Processing
    • OpenCV, NumPy and SciPy
  • Extendable with the best component technologies :  Scorpion Python Plugins,  .Net and ActiveX components.
Increase the power and value using Open Source Frameworks like OpenCV, NumPy and SciPy
Easy to use OpenCV, NumPy and SciPy python scripts used to process images, filter paths and do scientific calculation increases the power and value of Scorpion Vision Apps