Finally Scorpion Vision 9.0 is available

We are proud to announce that Scorpion Vision Software 9.0 is available in release version – 18 months planning and hard work has again resulted in an impressive release with hundreds or thousands of improvements.

Scorpion 3D Surface Defects App scans moving 3D surface

The official notes are found in the press release.

From the un-official corner I am particular fond and proud of:

  • Scorpion Plugin – a component technology based on python
    • I hope this will solve reuse of components with the Scorpion Framework
  • Scorpion Vision Apps – a new way to make simple machine vision effort “without” any effort
    • We hope we can gain lots of user with these Apps – affordable – easy to use – tons of scorpion guts
  • Scorpion Tools Components
    • We can now develope “tools”  using anything
      • Scorpion it-self – cloning  – using the powerful toolbox
      • Open Source – NumPy, SciPy or OpenCV
      • Any c / c++ -code
    • Glued together with Python
  • Fantastic new Installer that eases the usage, installation and management of Scorpion Vision