Scorpion Pellets Detector App helps protecting the environment

We are pleased to present a long-term oem customer of Scorpion Vision Software about their solution to Scorpion Vision Software 9.0 and Scorpion Vision Apps. This is Feed Control that are a small innovative company that target Fish Farming. The Scorpion Vision App  is Fish Pellets counter that detects when the fish stops eating – it is used to stop feeding saving the environment.

Feed Control claims that the solutions also increases the fish appetite thus the growth – it is a great innovative product. A marketing challenge is to get people believe it is possible to count under water – 24 hours a day.

“Feed Control Scorpion Pellets detector  is continuously counting waste pellets in all cages at the same time resulting in low FCR and increased growth. This is a proven system and has been developed and improved over several years with exceptionally improved biological results. Up to half a kilo of increased growth has been experienced in the last five months of the production cycle.”

The video is created by Feed Control – enjoy – it shows a system where 10 cages are watched in real-time – all connected to a single multi-core PC.

More information –

We have made the next generation Scorpion Fish Pellets App controlling one cage with latest Scorpion 9.0 technology.

Scorpion Fish Pellets Detection App by Feed Control AS

The application is very demanding with changing visibility in the water due to dirt, contamination and weather changes like rain, storms and sunshine.