Scorpion 3D Scanner Whitepaper

Concept of laser triangulation

3D Scanning based on laser triangulation is a main technology for making 3D images.  Lasers are used to create height profiles captured by an area camera. An ordered collection of height profiles makes up a 3D image. Scorpion 3D Laser Triangulation uses one or more laser lines to create a model ofthe surface of an object. The system can be used in different applications to create real-time 3D Models:

  • Measure the minimum and maximum thickness of an object
  • Measure minimum width or height of a weld
  • Measure the 3D position of an object
  • Locate surface defects

By mounting the system on a robot, it ispossible to model the complete surface of any product.

Read our Scorpion 3D Scanner white-paper.

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