Wafer Topology Video

The last WIS – Video attracted a lot of attention. In this post I will link to an nice but a little bit raw video from 2009 presenting the unique Wafer  Topology Towers 🙂

Wafer Topology Video
Wafer Topology Video

The Solar Cell Wafer Topology Measurement System is a complete system for geometry and two-sided sawmarks measurements. Wafers are measured with low noise, high sensitivity, high repeatability and high resolution.

Unique shadow measurement techniques, cancelling the effects of the crystal pattern combined with Scorpion Vision Software® are the key elements of this world class system. The sawmarks measurement system measures with a resolution of 1 micrometer. The system is a standard instrument and can easily interface to any production line system.

Wafer sawmarks

Wafer Sawmark detected by Tordivel Solar

Sawmarks are measured using a patent pending and unique shadow measurement technique,cancelling the effects of the crystal pattern. Advanced image processing algorithms work on the shadow images to identify sawmarks with high accuracy. The operator can verify how the sawmarks develop over the wafer. Large sawmarks will often have a large gradient towards the edge of the wafer.

Read more about this unique system…

Tordivel Solar Whitepapers and datasheets.

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