Scorpion Mono Stinger is here :)

Scorpion Mono Stinger is a pc-based vision-sensor. It targets OEMs and System Integrators with excellent software support. Combined with the new Scorpion Vision Apps it provides low-cost and easy to use functions for everybody.

Scorpion Stinger™ is a family of machine vision components and products. They provide simple and low-cost building blocks for OEM and system integrators.

Scorpion Mono Stinger™ focus on:

  • industrial strength
  • extreme functions
  • low cost
Scorpion Mono Stinger Vision Sensor


Read more –

  • Scorpion Mono Stinger™ data sheet – pdf
  • Check the Scorpion Mono Stinger™ press release

The Scorpion Mono Stinger™  is compatible with all versions of Scorpion Vision Sof tware.