Scorpion RT Controller removing the need for a PLC

We are preparing a new product to be launched with Scorpion Vision 8.1 late in March. The name of the product is Scorpion RT Controller where RT stands for Real Time. The purpose of the products is to remove the need for a PLC to controls ejectors in real time. The timing resolutions is estimated to be +- 5ms.

Features of RTController:

  • monitors and controls hardware inputs, outputs, tacho encoder signals
  • sends/receives events from Scorpion
  • high resolution timers
  • displays hardware events in real-time graphs
  • RTController can be watched by resuscitator application
The Scorpion RTController Graphs Tab

The preliminary documentation / description is found in Scorpion Online Help.


  1. Thank you Thor I feel this will be a valuable addition to the Scorpion product. I will look at it for a project I’m working on at the moment.

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