Work in robot coordinates – ExternalCoordinates3D

A new tool ExternalCoordinates3D is introduced in Scorpion

The ExternalCoordinates3D is used as a modification/correction for 3D camera calibration in Scorpion.

When doing a 3D calibration in Scorpion using the Calibrator3D tool, a robot is normally not involved. ExternalCoordinates3D will help you easily set up the robot coordinates:

Similar to ExternalReference3D, the tool setup consists of a set of coordinate pairs, Local and External. In the Local fields are the object (or robot) coordinates, and in the External fields are measured coordinates. The tool will create a best match between these pairs.

ExternalCoordinates3D Setup Tab

Note that in addition to positioning the 3D coordinates, any inaccuracies in the robot or other equipment will also be compensated for. This tool introduces a correction matrix not available from any other tools

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