Scorpion Vision featuring Dynamic Polygon ROIs

There are many great features in Scorpion Vision Software.  There feature that makes it possible to link results containing polygons has been improved in 2009.  The following tools are some of Scorpion’s many polygon producers:

Fish Egg with embryo with two
  • PolylineEdgeFaults2
  • RadialArcFinders
  • Blob4

In this blog I will show the feature in a real-world challenge. The task of counting fish eyes in Fish Eggs.

We have participated to make a system that counts 120.000 fish eggs pr hour. This is 40 eggs pr second and there is 5 ms to count the eyes.  More information about the system.

Image Processing in Scorpion

1. Locate the egg – 0.7 ms

This is done using the RadialArcFinder tool that can locate one circle with sub-pixel accuracy.

The yellow line is the located circle. The circle is estimated based on the fitted edge points – small yellow circle. The RadialArcFinder calculated a polygon to describe the circle.

2. Find the dark areas of the egg – 2.8 ms

The Blob4 tool calculates the ROI based on the located circle – Vector 1 raf -1.CirclePolyogon. The circle is eroding three pixels. ROI morphology : e3 The setup dialog is shown below:

The resulting image showing an eroded circular roi and four located polygons.

3. Counting Fish Eggs using Blob4 – 1.8 ms

The counting Blob connects to all the blob regions from the previous step including holes. The blob4 treshold is calculated dynamically based on the polygon rois histogram.

Dynamic Threshold based on histogram

The dialog shows that the tool dynamically links to multiple polygons.

Links multiple dynamic polygons - inner and outer contours

The results is great two eggs are located 🙂 in less than 5 ms.

The blob locates two darks round areas - classified as eggs


The Blob4 tool is an extremely powerful tool. More information in Scorpion Online Help.

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