Scorpion Vision 8 supports OpenCV

Scorpion Vision Software 8 supports OpenCV. There are examples to show how you can combine the open Scorpion Vision Framework with OpenCV image processing.Scorpion 8 support OpenCV Image Processing Library

Scorpion 8 has introduced a new low-cost licence Scorpion OpenCV that enables clever engineers to  implement cost effective OEM solutions.

We target also Scientist and Universities with Scorpion OpenCV.  Combining Scorpion OpenCV with the the open source libraries scipy and numpy turn Scorpion into a development tool for open source image processing solutions.  Read more about Scorpion 8 and Python.

Scorpion OpenCV can of course be used to extend the capabilities of the Scorpion Toolbox.

The following components are used:

  • Scorpion Vision 8
  • Python 2.6
  • OpenCV_1.1pre1a.exe
  • ctypes-OpenCV wrapper – ctypes-opencv-0.8.0.win32-py26.exe

Scorpion Online Help – OpenCV

The following code will perform the following – provided to show you how this is implemented:

  • GetImage Image1 from Scorpion
  • Move Image to OpenCV
  • Do an adaptiveTreshold on the Image
  • Do some morphology
  • Return the image back to Scorpion
from OcvImage import OcvImage
import ctypes_opencv

objectImage = OcvImage(GetTool(GetCurSource()).imageNo)
object = objectImage.GetCvImage()


  #Example of a useful transform - adaptive threshold
  #apply to OpenCV image, can be done in place

  #can apply morpholgy if desired,
  # - again safe to do in place or could make second image

  # ctypes_opencv.cvErode(object,object,None,2)

  OcvImage().Assign(object, "Image2")

except Exception, msg:

  print msg
Scorpion 8 supports OpenCV image processing

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