Scorpion Vision Software® 3D Training Course in Oslo January 26 – 28, 2010

You may attend one, two or all three days of the course dependant on your knowledge and interest.

3D Located Objects

Fly in to the best machine vision training and learn from the experts behind Scorpion Vision Software®. The improved course agenda is based on the latest Scorpion Vision Software® release 8 including 3D Stereo Vision, true 3D point cloud processing and 3D Robot Vision. The course starts with a Scorpion basic introduction, continues with advanced 2D vision tasks and techniques and brings you further through 3D vision solutions and exercises.

If you are new to machine vision, you can register for the first two days or for the complete package of three days. All three days will get you started with 3D Machine Vision after a Basic Introduction.

If you have previously attended a Scorpion 2D Basic Introduction – register for the last two days. This will update your 2D skills and make you ready for Scorpion 8 including all the new 3D stuff.

Scorpion Vision Software® offers a large reduction in the development, deployment and maintenance cost for machine vision systems. Applications are customised smartly and expeditiously with the flexible user interface. Join us and see how!

Enjoy the benefits of an open framework, python scripting and an immense and proven toolbox with more than 150 components and tools when creating your innovative machine vision applications. Scorpion Vision Software® is the perfect companion to Smart cameras, area and linescan cameras with USB, Firewire, Cameralink and GigE interfaces as well as 3D image sensors. Choose between a small form factor with a smart camera, an embedded pc, a standard PC or the power of an industrial PC with Raid and MultiCore technology.

You find further details and the course agenda in the invitation.

The course is based on the feature packed Scorpion 8 release. Read the latest Scorpion Vision Software® headlines and get a glimse of it’s power:

3D Located Objects

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