Important Update – Scorpion Vision Software

Scorpion 2D Stinger Camera
Scorpion 2D Stinger Camera

We are again proud to release another update of our continously evolving 2D and 3D Machine Vision Framework. This release is a result of a number of extremely challenging Scorpion 3D Stinger stereo vision projects and our continous effort. To match the challenges we have again revised and refine our cutting-edge 2D machine vision tools to stand the heat from real-world 3D pallet picking, 3D location.

In the complete 10.2 series there are many very impressive additions:

  • A “new” TemplateFinder3 – the most important tool in Scorpion Vision
    • Handle Multiple ROIs, dynamic template activation and addition of “no-match edges”
    • more details given in release notes
  • A good general speed improvements in Arllib image processing module
    • Interpolation Management from the Toolbox
  • Significantly lower overhead in image capture targetting real-time 3D tracking with robots
  • New tool for LaserTriangulation – LaserProfiler3D
    • creates 3D point clouds and ordered intensity image in real-time
    • handles framecounts up to 100 to 300 Hz or 3D profiles
  • Easy to use string filtering to allow pre and postfilter operations.
  • Soon – Scorpion Image Sentinel 3 a smart image or videorecorder supporting Scorpion 2D Stinger and 3D Stinger Camera
  • Dense 3D Stereo Vision Creation support with Scorpion 3D Stinger Camera
    • useful for empty box application and many other applications
    • with and without structured light
The two 3D calibrated images are perfect for blockmatching
and generation of a dense 3D model
A 3D model and the corresponding height map is generated
all in 283 ms on an quad core i7
The pose of the cameras shown above the point cloud
  • Scorpion Tool Components provide more and more functionality to Scorpion Users
  • Support for latest OpenCV 2.4.8
  • Scorpion Vision Installer is updated with latest STC, drivers and extension libraries.

Release Notes for Scorpion Vision Software

  • Scorpion Arrlib is 10-20 % faster – a general and important improvement
    • choosing the right interpolation mode can provide an additional 5-15 %
  • Interpolation mode is managed from the toolbox
    • NN – Nearest neighbor is chosen for speed
    • Bilinear is the default
    • Cubic provides an accurate option for special cases
    • Smart Wide does a smart job on wide tracelines
  • Important – TemplateFinder3 is a complete new tool –
    • prefilter for improved matching
    • multiroi for multiple inspection from one tf3
    • better explanation of resampling modes
      • important when working in 3D
    • better default values
    • regex for dynamic templates
    • saving templates to files for faster context switching
    • very important – “No Match Edges”
      • —> can define no match polygons/edges to better segment detection
      • can be vital addition to tf3 for demanding applications
    • many improvements and some bug-fixes
  • Dense 3D Imaging uisng Stereoscopic Camera is supported using
    • STC-0084 StereoRectify3D
    • STC-0083 DisparityMap3D
    • Check – STP-0072-DisparityMap
  • ColorSegmentor is now a much better tool
    • with postfilter, named filters and dynamic filteractivation
    • check STP-0075-ColorSegmentor
  • Latest OpenCV 2.4.8 is supported
    • updated to the latest Numpy 1.8.0 and SciPy 0.13.2 versions
  • A huge update to Scorpion Tool Components –
    • download all to the Scorpion template directory and get the fine and useful extensions
    • more than 50 STCs are moved to release state
  • Updated GUI and Icons
  • ImageLogger can set disk limit to 1 GByte down from 5 GByte
  • Soon to be available a SVM – Support Vector Machine classification STC
    • state of the art machine learning in a clever STC package

Updated Scorpion Test and Demo Profiles

  • SDP-0087 Advanced Training – 3D Pizza Measurement – version
    • real-time 3d point cloud generation with new LaserProfiler3D
  • SDP-2012-0019-3DPipePicking
    • Demonstration of 3D Pipe Picking from a bin using Scorpion 3D Stinger Stereo Vision
  • STP-0073-Scorpion-Toolbox-Performance
    • valuable test program to benchmark Scorpion Computers
  • SDP-2012-0019-3DPipePicking
    • Demonstration of 3D Pipe Picking using Scorpion 3D Stinger Stereo Vision
  • SDP-2012-0018-3DPipeBinPicking
    • Demonstration of 3D Pipe Picking from a bin using Scorpion 3D Stinger Stereo Vision
  • SDP-2012-0041-Locate-3D-Empty
    • Practical solution to detect empty box using two multiline lasers
  • STP-0072-DisparityMap
    • Empty box using beta DisparityMap3D STC – super dense 3D image generation based on stereoscopic images

STC – Scorpion Tool Components Updates

  • STC-0001-MinimumPolygonToPolygonDistance_2.1.0.22
  • STC-0011-ImageFilter_3.3.0.33
  • STC-0022-LocateEdgePoint3D_1.2.0.39
  • STC-0025-PolygonExtrema_1.0.0.10
  • STC-0034-PolygonFilter2D_1.1.0.40
  • STC-0036-SortLocate3D_1.1.0.21
  • STC-0038-FitLine3D_1.2.0.22
  • STC-0043-PointInPolygon2D_1.0.0.4
  • STC-0055-FindPaths2D_1.0.0.20
  • STC-0064-LocatePaths3D_1.0.0.24
  • New – STC-0008-Visualize3D_1.2.0.12
  • New – STC-0078-GridMapper_0.9.0.8
  • New – STC-0084 StereoRectify3D_1.0.0.1
  • New – STC-0082 MultiExpoMerger_0.9.0.2
  • New – STC-0066-PolygonMaskImage_1.0.0.5

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