New – Scorpion Embedded PC

The Scorpion Embedded PC is an industrial reliable solid-state and fanless industrial PC.

90-921 Scorpion Embedded PC
90-921 Scorpion Embedded PC

The Scorpion Embedded PC is certified for Scorpion Vision Software® and is CE compliant accommodating a robust and reliable solid state disk. The PC offers extraordinary performance for arithmetic-intensive applications, while its fanless design provides superb reliability and durability.

It provides up to 5 Gigabit Ethernet ports and 2 eSATA ports. The VGA+DVI/HDMI dual display accomplishes an easy way of high-resolution content output for image applications.

The PC condenses a complete Scorpion Vision system into a compact unit. The complete Scorpion Vision Software 2D and 3D framework is installed and ready to use.

It can be mounted into an existing cabinet in a factory – by adding a touch screen and GigE cameras a compact and powerful system is created.

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