Scorpion VersionX controls Laser Module from Global Laser

Global Laser DCLM Module

The first demonstration of the new Scorpion Tool Component STC-0067-GlobalLaserDCLM which enables seamless control of Global Laser Digital Controlled Laser  Module – DCLM.

The idea of digital laser control is very good. The laser is automatically turned on when the Scorpion Vision System is active and turned off when the system stops.

The ability to seamless control the laser output makes it possible to adjust based on the reflectivity of the object to be measured to improve the system accuracy.

DCLM STC Setup Page

The following parameters can be controlled from the

  • Power Mode – On when running | Always On
  • Laser Mode – Continous Wave | Modulation | TTL | Pulse Width Modulation
  • CW power level %
  • Modulation wave form – Sine wave | Ramp
  • Modulation frequency
  • TTL Frequency
  • Pulse Width Modulation Level  %
The DCLM STC Setup Page

In action at Vision-2012

The system was at display at Vision-2012

More information about Global Laser