Version X creates solution with Sick 3D Cameras

We are pleased to present image from an innovative and new Scorpion Version X 3D scanning product from HDS Group.

The technological aspect of the system is two sided 3D Scanner using two Sick E-50 Ranger cameras with Scorpion Version X.

The process is as follows :

  • Mount 2 pc Sick E-50 Ranger Cameras
  • Capture two 3D points cloud from the ranger cameras
  • Merge the two images in Scorpion Vision using a new Python 3D API
  • Locate the object in 3D and process the point cloud

Step 1 : Capture 2 3D Images

Two sided 3D scanning with Scorpion 3D Scanner

Step 2 : Merge the two points clouds with high precision

Step 3 : Display the result of the processed block

The merged and process points cloud and the height map where the contour is verified

More information about 3D scanning in Scorpion see the Scorpion 3D Stinger web