Scorpion Vision extends support for Windows-7 64-bit

Adapting to Windows-7 and especially 64-bit is quite a process primarily due to driver support but times are slowly changing to the better. With Scorpion 9.2 we can now report the following verified status:

  • Complete firewire support for Windows-7 32 and 64 bit
    • Unibrain’s generic ubCore driver support all firewire camera through Scorpion Firegrab camera driver
    • Allied Vision Firewire camera is extended with low-level register access  and Windows-7 32 and 64 bit support
  • AVT Prosilica GigE driver has been used for a long time with 64 bit
  • Scorpion Vision supports the Advantech Bionic API with complete Windows-7 support which makes all Advantech io-modules available under 32 and 64 bit.
    • The ethernet adam-60xx modules are supported on both 32and 64-bit through standard tcp/ip connectivity
  • Scorpion Vision 9.2 is also running smoothly both on 32 bit and 64 bit Windows
    • The screen shot below shows a very extensive and advanced 3D Robot Inspection system capturing 34 images and doing more than 200 inspections
    • This Scorpion Profile consumes 2.5 GByte memory. It runs very nicely with headroom on Windows-7 64 bit
      • There is still more than 1 GByte free on a system with 4GByte
        • on 32 bit this would be very tight even with a 3GByte switch enabled.
Scorpion 3D Robot Inspection – 2.5 GByte Memory Consumption
Windows-7 64 bit Task Manager 0.8 GByte Free Memory Space


  • It is time to consider Windows-7 64-bit as your operating system platform!
    • If you need more memory for demanding 3D applications this might be a must.
  • Scorpion Vision will continue to support Windows XP, XPembedded, Windows-7 32 and 64 bit for a long time!
  • With Scorpion Vision you can select your platform based on your own requirements.

Note 1:

  • Camera drivers not mentioned will most probably work with 64 bit – check with the specific camera vendor.
  • Basler promises full support for 32 bit and 64 bit with Pylon 2.3

Note 2:

  • To verify stable camera and io
    • drivers are always important independant of operating system
    • they have to be tested and verified to be able to guarantee stable operation