Accurate 3D Measurement in 2D Images – Part I

Combining the two images below we can extract the 3D location (x,y,z) of any edge-point with sub-pixel accuracy in 3D.

Two 3D Calibrated images ready for 3D Measurement of any edgepoint

Measuring the 3D pose of the stop-cock

The zoomed images shows the accuracy we get with Scorpion Vision Software 9. The following is measured:

  • The 3D-position (x,y,z)  of two edge points z1 and z2
  • The 3D-pose – (x,y,z,rx,ry,rz) and the radius of two circles
    • z = -0.08 mm – r = 2.11 mm
    • z= 5.26 mm – r = 4.67 mm

Note that that circles fit perfectly in a low contrast image due to the accurate 3D pose estimation. We let the visualisation speak for itself.

Accurate 3D Measurement in a 2D Image

Everything work with low contrast and is sub-pixel in 3D!

The technology is available for use in Scorpion Robot Inspection, Scorpion Mono Stinger and Scorpion 3D Stinger applications.


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