Develope Apps and Applications with Scorpion Vision 9.1

The release version of Scorpion Vision 9.1 is a significant release.

The 3D Visualize Scorpion Tool Component create 3D drawings and models

We are moving ahead to turn our powerful machine vision framework into a development system Scorpion Vision Apps and Machine Vision Application. We have released a nice set of Apps for the Scorpion Mono Stinger and the SmartCams from Sony – read more

We are completing the new powerful Scorpion Vision 9 architecture:

  • Scorpion Python Plugin – SPP
    • Our own python component technology form the primary building block for Scorpion Vision Apps – SVA
  • Scorpion Vision Apps – SVA
    • We are releasing two to four apps pr month on target hardware platforms
    • We invite owner’s of Scorpion Vision SDK to join us Scorpion Vision Apps solution providers
  • Scorpion Tools Components – STC
    • We improve the productivity by extending and reusing components based on the new BaseTool
    • The first STCs are:
      • 1D and 2D Barcode
      • MinimumPolygonToPolygonDistance
      • 3DVisualisation
      • InsertionSort
  • The Scorpion System Management and Installer features
    • Internet Download and Upgrade of Apps and Applications
    • Access to complete and extensive set of 2D and 3D machine vision tutorials
    • Notification when an Apps or Scorpion is upgraded
    • An extensive set of demo profiles 2D, 3D, Scorpion Vision Apps
Tutorials available from Installers
  • To assist traceability and development we are tracking all Scorpion Vision Apps,  Scorpion Test and Demo Profiles in the Mercurial Version Control System.
  • As always lot of other improvements – the most important Calibrator save and load speed-up.

More information: