More Scorpion Vision Apps in the pipeline – Color Identification App

We are working hard to meet our goal of releasing twenty five Scorpion Vision Apps in 2012. Today we have released the powerful Color Identification App – this app supports Scorpion Mono Stinger and color SmartCams.

  • Identify the color of an object or an area
    • The ROI – region of interest – is user defined
    • Any number of color class can be defined
    • The color classes are defined by the following
      • multiple color references
      • name of color
      • index of color
  • Fast 30 – 100  classifications / second
  • User define coordinate system
  • Configurable IO with RS-232 and TCP/IP.

The Operator Screen of the app follow the standard app pattern and is very easy to use.

Color Identification - Operator Screen

Based on powerful ColorMatcher tool in Scorpion Vision Framework – read more about ColorMatcher

Color Identification Setup

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