Calibrator3D adds easy to use and accurate Chessboard Calibration

One of the final features added to Scorpion 8 is Calibrator3D. This blog presents the Scorpion tool # 155  for the first time.

The Calibrator3D uses N images to describe the 3D intrinsics and extrinsics and the lens distortion. The tool returns both 2D and 3D references – we believe it will be the best calibration for both 2D and 3D machine vision solution due to the simple usage and it’s accuracy. The typical RMS value for the 3D calibration is 1/10th of the 2d pixel resolution providing the basis for sub-pixel 3D Stereo Vision.


The Setup page dialog from Scorpion shows the following features: Unlimited number of images, any image can define the 2D reference plane/origin. Point and click to select the chess board corners, extensive set of Focal and Distortion model to provide the balance between speed and accuracy.

Scorpion Calibrator Setup Page
Scorpion Calibrator3D Setup Page

The results page show the results available

Calibrator3D Results Page

Read more in the Scorpion Online Help


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