We are moving from Python24 to Python26 with Scorpion 8

The heart of the Scorpion Vision Framework is Python – http://www.python.org/

Python is the scripting language’s Linux. Highly successful and growing all the time.Python Home

Moving from Python 24 to Python 26 will have a number of good effects.

With Python 24,http://scorpion.tordivel.no/help/Python/Python24.htm we have supported the following important extentions:

  • Python for Windows Extentions
  • PySerial
  • .Net Framework 1.1

With Python 26 we will support the following extentions:

  1. Python 2.6.4 – python-2.6.4.msi
  2. PythonWin – pywin32-214.win32-py2.6.exe
  3. Numerical and Scientific supports is required for Scorpion 3D options
    1. scipy – scipy-0.7.1-win32-superpack-python2.6.exe
    2. numpy – numpy-1.4.0rc1-win32-superpack-python2.6.exe
  4. pyserial – pyserial-py3k-2.5-rc1.win32.exe
  5. Intel’s OpenCV  1.1
  6. Support for .Net 2.0 – 3.5

More information: http://scorpion.tordivel.no/help/Python/Python26.htm

Recommended Microsoft Runtimes Installs Visual Studio 2005 sp1 and Visual Studio 2008 sp1


Scorpion 8 will provide access to a even more python modules and be up to date with the latest Python developments. In addition the .Net supports move from 1.1 to .Net versions 2.0 – 3.5 providing access to Microsoft latest framework from within Scorpion.

Read about Scorpion Vision .Net Support

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