New Industrial Camera – Scorpion 3D Venom – resolution from 0.001mm

The global shutter Scorpion 3D Venom Camera is designed to be used in cutting-edge
3D Stereo Vision systems. It excels in short to medium size baseline using a single colour or monochrome camera with resolution from VGA to 12 MP.

Two virtual 3D cameras are created by a clever mirror design that focuses on a user specified working distance. The compact industrial camera can create 3D images in a very limited space with working distance from 75 mm.

Read all about it : PD-2016-0004-A Scorpion 3D Venom Camera.pdf

is-2018-0029-A 3DVenom

Every camera is factory calibrated to a task with specific resolution at the selected
working distance.

The unique One-Push-Calibration ensures subpixel resolution and
3D resolution from 0.001 mm
maybe the highest resolution industrial 3D camera available.

Main target applications are ID tracking, object tracking, height measurement, object
counting and more. Fast feature location and 3D image generation will support fast
tracking framerates from 5 to 15 fps.