Free IMVE WebCast – Robotics and Machine Vision

Join the new Webcast from IMVE on Robotics and Machine Vision.

  • Klas Bengtsson – Global Product Manager ABB
    • Integrated vision – vision-guided robotics made easy
  • Thor Vollset – CEO Tordivel
    • 3D Stereo Vision – a natural step from 2D Machine Vision
3D technology shall become a transparent and natural step forward from 2D machine vision. With a 3D calibrated camera it is possible to extract 3D information directly from a 2D image, and this now forms the basis for the most advanced 3D machine vision solutions. With two or more images from 3D calibrated cameras, stereoscopic images can extract sparse 3D information or generate dense 3D images or point cloud.

These techniques are fast becoming an important method for 3D Robot Vision applications and will become even more important in the future. It will contribute to evolution of the robotic revolution and the robotic age. In this webcast I will try to describe the technical foundation for stereoscopic 3D robot vision.

  • Samuel Bouchard – CEO Robotiq
    • Collaborative robots – the new tools for agile manufacturing