More resources in the Scorpion Vision X.I Installer Build 547

Scorpion Download X.I
Scorpion Download X.I

The updated Scorpion Version X.I Installer has the following resources for power Scorpion Vision users. The new installer has the latest Camera drivers from

  • Unibrain – Firewire using DirectX Stack or ubCore
  • Sony ZCL GigE Driver for 32 bit og 64 bit computing
  • Basler Pylon 2.3 – 32 bit and 64 bit computing
Scorpion Installer
New look – more resources and better support for 32 bit and 64 bit computing

The new Scorpion IO System is supported with the latest 32 bit and 64 bit drivers from Advantech supporting high-performance PCI, PCIX and USB – IO devices.

Scorpion 3D Stinger
Updated with DrawBitmap – logo display in image


The main features of the Version X.I build 547 is:

  • Updated Metro Look – unified toolbars
  • New high performance Scorpion IO System
    • description in html help file
    • more documentation and samples will follow
  • Updated
    • Image Logging and Data Logging Modules
    • Improved Data Input pages
    • Changes and update to Scorpion Html Help file
  • Added Advantech Driver Installers Page including utilities
  • Improved support both 32 and 64 bit computing
  • DrawBitmap in Images
  • Windows-8 support is improved

Updated with fresh Open Source and Python Libraries

  • OpenCV 2.4.4
  • Scipy-0.11.0
  • Numpy-1.6.2
  • TightVNC 2.6.4 (32 bit version) or TightVNC 2.6.4 (64 bit version)
  • Unibrain Fire-I Application 4.0
  • Python 2.6 MySQL-python-1.2.2

Camera Profile

  • Updated ZCL-driver for Sony XCG Camera
  • Added ubCore and Sony ZCL-driver to installer
  • Add Basler Pylon 2.3 driver download

Updated Demo profiles

  • STP-2012-0016 PolygonExtrema
    • STC-0025-PolygonExtrema
  • SDP-2012-0048-Scorpion3DSmartCam-LocateGear Memory Monitoring
    • filmstrips and update scripts – One Push Calibration
  • SVA-0001-Barcode
    • Update for QR-Code support
  • STP-2013-0040-DataInput·STP-2012-0027-PolygonCorners
    • Very important to understand the new improved DataInput pages


  • STC-0006-Barcode – QR-Code support
  • STC-0011-OpenCVFilter – More options and filters
  • STC-0013-DisplayResult
  • STC-0025-PolygonExtrema
  • STC-0070-ZBar – Robust 1D Barcode support

05apr2013, TV: The last and the best Scorpion Vision Version 🙂