Version X supports OpenCV 2.4.3

Scorpion Vision Version X supports OpenCV 2.4.3 which was released the 2nd of November. We plan to follow OpenCV, Numpy and Scipy because these libraries are important to anyone. We want Scorpion Vision to be the best way to integrate these libraries through Python. We are are a proud user of Python since 2001 when we included it in Scorpion Vision version 2.0.

In the Scorpion Vision Software Version X build 533 we have added a nice profile that shows how we can access all the samples and the most of the OpenCV code directly from python and Scorpion Vision. Below a screenshot using Windows-8 🙂 and Scorpion Version X.

The OpenCV samples are accessible with a mouse click

Below the kmeans clustering is shown.

Kmeans clustering sample