New Scorpion 3D OEM – AutoEye Loaf Inspection System from LeMatic

We are pleased to announce that we have developed a new world-class machine for the bakery market together with our good OEM partner LeMatic Inc. At IBA in Munchen they launced the new AutoEye machine AE-2400 for 100 % automatic Loaf Inspection.

Automatic Loaf Inspection

The machine at the exhibition attracted a lot of buzz!

AutoEye AE-2400 Loaf Inspection powered by Scorpion Vision Software

Complete set of 2D and 3D Measurement are calculated to reliable sort the Loafs

Indicator Panel with measurements values

Loaf Ejectors are fun!

Read more about LeMatic AutoEye Product Range – LeMatic Inc is located in Jackson, Michigan, USA

AutoEye is a trademark of LeMatic Inc.