Making it Easy – STC-0028-PointExtrema

With Scorpion Tool Components we strive to make it easy. The STC-0028-PointExtrema calculates the extremal point based on three or more points. This is needed to perform sub-pixel width measurement in the sample below.

The challenge:  To locate the outer-most points – to measure the maximum width – a good way to do this is to estimate it from a sequence of edgepoints

How we solve to locate the outer-most points:

  1. Locate the six objects with TemplateFinder3
  2. Locate edge points with SingleLineFinder
  3. Use STC-0028-PointExtrema to estimate the outer-most point with an 2 or 3th order polynom
2. EdgePoints located with SingleLineFinder
3. The estimated PointExtrema – fitted with 3th order

STC-0028-PointExtrema Setup

It is just to link to the SingleLineFinder output polygon and the PointExtrema is estimated accurately.