Scorpion Vision in R&D – Syringe Fill Level Measurement

This is an update on the development work being done by Denis Lebel of Sainte-Justine Hospital in Montreal based on Scorpion Premium 3D.
As you will see at the following YouTube link, the application is to read the fill level on the syringes… first acting like an error proof double check to the pharmacy’s technician’s (preparing syringes for use in the hospital and in oncology) and second to get an even more precision reading on the syringe’s dosage.
Reading Syringe Volume
Precision’s are excellent at sub-milli-liter reading !  
In the case of oncology drugs, cancer fighting drugs, precise measurements are extremely important since a slight over-dosage can kill the patient instead of helping the patient !  There have been reports of patients being over-dosaged by a factor of 10X and dying !!
The syringe bodies are covered to hide the syringe tip and the measurement is done by reading the piston’s outward distance from the finger grip area of the syringe.
Check video and presentation at YouTube –